Pardie Life – aka Party Life is a the golf combination of Par + Birdie and the nod to Golf being a way of life not only as a hobby, but something that bonds people together, a sport, but also a social engagement that allows Everyone to be able to spend time together.

Like many people we were introduced to the sport by a Parent at a young age and it still remains something that bonds us together. Although our circles of Golf Buddies has expanded, the amount of shared time is something always to be treasured.

A shared hobby builds bonds like few other things and golf remains a unique sport that allows everyone to participate no matter their skill level.

Our Goals with Pardie Life

Week in and week out we see the same brands and the same clothes on all the professional golfers, but Golf is moving on from the stuffy days of old and embracing a new younger version of the sport complete with Hoodies and Joggers bright colored prints and an array of other changing elements to the game.

As diehard golfers, we are looking to introduce a version of the game that more accurately reflects the diversity of golfers generally while introducing new brands to the community and working hand in hand to allow for all facets of the game to grow.

We’ll still cover some of the drops from the more mainstream brands, but our goals and roots will always remain to support as many small creators in the golf space as possible.

How you can help

It takes a village to build a community, we’re going to make some mistakes, we’re going to stumble, we’re going to figure stuff out on the fly, that’s part of this process.

Provide feedback, let us know what you like and don’t want to see, tell us what would make this community better. Let us be an arm to reach out to brands to arrange discounts and deals for you.

One community working as one to support one another.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us and if you have any questions just shoot us an email at