Join over 3,000 other golfers exploring new products every Friday.

Our Mission

Create an amazing laid back golf community.

Support small golf brands.

Introduce people to new courses.

Promote the game of golf for everyone.

Have fun.

The Ask

Be good to everyone.

Treat everyone with respect.

Grow the game together.

Share our mission with your golf buddies.





Will you share the sign up information with brands?

We respect your privacy. We’ll anonymize and aggregate the results to present to potential sponsors. We will never share your information directly with any third parties without your full consent.

It will be used for internal purposes to help us create a better community.

How do I get involved?

We’d love to have you get involved, feel free to reach out to us at and let us know what kind of a role you’d like to play. We’ll need in the event management space.

Why partner with companies?

Discovering new brands is tough to do, we’re looking to share smaller brands with the community, we’re always looking for larger brands and sponsors to help us with our plans down the line to hold larger events and take the community into the physical world.

Can I share this link with other people in my network?

Please do. Any and all growth is good for us as a community, it will allow us to make this a reality. We’re going to reach out to brands as well to to move this project along, so if you have any contacts at brands in the golf space that would be willing to feature this in their newsletter that would be amazing.