Not just any release day… It’s Presidents’ Day THE SWAG WAY. If this is your first time joining us, you’re in for a treat. This is our biggest and best Presidents’ Day yet, featuring an all-new Handsome One + Handsome One Lefty, a Blade and Mallet Dead President Grab Bag, Markers, Towels, and Stickers galore. Read on for the details.

Handsome $1 + Lefty

The Handsome $1 features money-inspired engravings with our nation’s first President — George Washington. You’ll see him a few more times today, but first let’s take a closer look at this flat stick. It’s also available in Lefty, but we’re only showing the right handed version here in this email:

Sole and Face
Flange Line

As always with our limited release putters, you can only get that sweet new cover with putter purchase. At checkout, you’ll be able to select your length, loft, and lie. Choose carefully because we won’t accept any changes. The Handsome $1 and Handsome $1 Lefty will be listed as two separate products.

Next up we have a freshly designed Swag x Perfect Practice Putting Mat! If you were with us during Swagmas, you know this is our third mat and, just like the putter above, the only way to get the matching cover is by purchasing the mat.

Perfect Practice

This time, the mat will ship from Perfect Practice and the cover will ship from us, so don’t be alarmed if you receive two separate shipping notifications.

And here it is, the moment some of you have been waiting for since we released The Almighty Dollar last year. The Almighty Dollar returns in a fresh navy, red, and apricot colorway. There will be two separate products for Blade and Mallet. You purchase one and we will randomly send you a cover $1-$100.


You can go for both Blade and Mallet (or any of our other great products dropping today), but never more than one of each. Don’t make us send Lance to find you…

Also dropping today are some great new accessories. Starting with the first ever Dead President marker. This Washington Marker perfectly compliments the new Handsome $1, but, unlike its putter counterpart, with the purchase of the marker you have a chance at receiving a Jefferson Marker Special.


The all-new Swag Tour Towel is 100% woven terry cotton with a soft feel that won’t damage your clubs. It features a signature Swag Dead President (which, let’s be honest, is probably the only reason you’re buying it…). It is 18×44″ and will look great draped over your clubs with whatever cover combo you choose that day. Because we’re so excited to finally show off our new towels, we’ll be including one with every putter purchased today… But that’s not all!

Just like the marker above, if you purchase the Washington Towel, you may receive a special Jefferson Towel instead… Are you feeling lucky?


Last but not least, we’re also dropping a fresh new Grunge Dollar Sticker Pack featuring Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson, Grant, and Franklin… Washington and Jefferson already got enough love today. Don’t be surprised if you see this product appear a minute early, we’re doing that so you can add it to your cart to ship free with your order.

Sticker Pack

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