The Kuhlman Polo available in White Sky.

Confidence meets classic style in the Kuhlman. An argyle pattern is always a classy nod to the home of golf. Of course, we had to add a creative touch by building the pattern out of annuals in full bloom.

Legends Polo in Sky/Navy
Legends Polo in White/Navy
Legends Polo in Navy

The original Swannies icons are printed all over this subtle but well made polo shirt.

Gilligan Polo in Sky/White

Swans, Swans, Swans

Carlson Polo – White/Navy

The Carlson features classic horizontal stripes on a solid background, but if you’re paying attention, those stripes aren’t so “classic”. The snapped clubs that create these stripes are as much a part of golf as tees & balls. So get out there, hit a few shots, and we’ll see you on the green.

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