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Handmade. Wool. Awesome. Meet Solstice. Made from 100% Pendleton wool, these colorful covers are as unique as you are. Fleece lining, batting protection, and an elastic band for stability? Yes, please! Swing into spring with Solstice.

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Colorful Pendleton Wool Golf Headcover

Introducing Solstice Golf Headcovers new to our shop. This locally sourced quality Pendleton wool is sure to be a favorite. Because of pattern variations, no two are alike, so yours will be an original. These headcovers are a sign golf season is getting closer! Solstice comes in driver headcover, fairway headcover, and hybrid headcover.

– Made to order.

– 100% Wool Golf Headcover.

– Fleece Lined.

– Elastic band for Stability.

– Layer of Batting for Protection.

– Wood and Woven Label Options.

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