Our Take –

It’s definitely an eye catcher, the back is all black though a bit of a let down if we’re being honest, we love the details and the incorporation of the different elements, but something is really missing if it’s not all the way around for the $245 price. I’ve bought used drivers off ebay for less.

From the Manufacturer –

The RMG Collage Driver Headcover is crafted from premium leather. Each of these collage patchwork headcovers is crafted from leftover applique from the headcover making process. COVERS MAY VARY SLIGHTLY IN APPLIQUE SELECTION! Upcycled pieces handsewn with random RMG iconic motifs.  There will be only 12 of this design!

  • This is the 4th release RMG Collage driver design.
  • The lining is fully padded with the highest quality faux fur fleece material.
  • The Driver cover will fit any size driver up to 460cc.
  • Neon Green RMG logo on back and tag on side.

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