Our thoughts
DIMPLIFIED | white quarter-zip by =RANGE= GOLF®. It’s like a dimpled ball rolled in paint then became camo on a quarter-zip. At first I wasn’t sure what to think but it’s growing on me, white camo looks pretty cool and this is a different take on it.

From the Brand

Spherical and symmetrical dimples on a golf ball aid the rapid formation of a turbulent boundary layer around the ball’s cover resulting in more lift. The mixed airflow is of two types: laminar and turbulent. 

So while we have no idea what that really means it sounds cool and we thought distressed dimples as a design would look kick ass.

  • 95% performance polyester | 5% spandex w/ moisture wicking
  • Red and white bi-color zipper teeth
  • Silicone =RANGE= badge left chest
  • Embroidered Est.1967 right sleeve
  • Signature red stripes embroidered upper back yoke
  • Red inseam collar

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