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Dumpster Fire Hybrid Headcover DURA+ by Cayce Golf

Introducing the ultimate headcover for when your golf game is a total dumpster fire! Our DURA+ Dumpster Fire Hybrid Headcover combines a funky design with durable technical specs to protect your trusty clubs from mildew, water, stains, and abrasions. Plus, its strong elastic inner liner ensures it never falls off or jolts unexpectedly, while the plush inner lining keeps your hybrid looking as good as new. Score yours today! #GolfGameOnFleek #DumpsterFireChic #CayceGolf

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Pinatubo Boxer Briefs by Krakatoa Underwear – Golfer Approved now in Jet Black

Fore! Get ready to hit the links with the Pinatubo Boxer Briefs – the only underwear designed for maximum comfort on the course. With a large front pouch and no scratchy tags, these boxer briefs will have you feeling fresh and focused all day long. Plus an easy to use fly allows for easy access when you need to visit the bushes. Swing into style with Krakatoa Underwear!