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Introducing the Golfing Waffle T-Shirt from Cayce Golf. A classic looking tee shirt with serious 70s vibes.

From the Brand

Golfing Waffle T Shirt


A new member of the Breakfast Ball Club: The Golfing Waffle! The Breakfast Ball Club is all about keeping it light and having fun. Need a second ball off the first tee? We’re here to encourage it. This is a GREAT gift for the person in your morning foursome who always calls “breakfast balls” before you hit the first tee.

The Shirt + Fit

Our Waffle Golfer T-Shirt is printed on a Banana Cream 50/50 blend (50% Poly / 50% Cotton) and it’ll feel lighter than most of your 100% cotton shirts while keeping the soft, wrinkle free properties of a blend. The fit is on the slim/small side, so when in doubt, size up. I’m personally 6′ 2″ and skinny, I can fit into a lot of smalls, but in his shirt I’m a medium.

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